Why Play in a Mobile Casino?

Mobile casinos will give you everything the desktop version can, and even more. When downloading one of many casino apps, you can play your favorite game wherever you are. Moreover, certain games feel even better when you play them on a smartphone with a touchscreen!

Up to AU$2,000 or 120 Free Spins
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T&Cs Apply.
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Up To €360 + 50 Free Spins
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Mobile vs. Desktop

Some people may prefer the mobile app, while others favor gaming on a desktop. But playing casino games on mobile and PC both have their pros and cons. Moreover, not everyone has the same possibilities. For example, you may lack the storage space on the phone.

But playing games on a smartphone has a lot of advantages. It may give you a better gaming experience and the possibility to play at any place and time. 

Mobile vs Desktop Casino Australia

Moreover, downloading an app is free in most cases. Besides, it’s quite simple, just like in the case of registering on a desktop version. The one difference is that you may need to scan a mobile casino QR code. 

And the best thing is that you won’t need to log in every time!

If you’re still unsure whether or not to give mobile casinos a chance, just keep on reading. We’ll take a look into the crucial mobile cons and pros regarding gaming on a casino app. And finally, we’ll talk about what games are the best ones to play on a smartphone. 

Playing on Computer Is More Distracting

In general, online casinos on PC have a wider choice of games to offer. And of course, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. For newbies who are yet to explore all the casino games, the desktop version may be the better choice.

However, many players come to an online casino to play a particular game. If that’s the case with you, the vast number of games can distract you. You may find yourself browsing the casino’s website for an hour instead of playing. 

With mobile casinos, there’s less possibility of getting distracted like that. The online casinos look and feel differently on smaller devices. And the way you navigate them is a bit simpler. So, if you want to enjoy your game in peace, you should check out the mobile version.

Online Casinos Offer Wider Banking Methods on PC

PC online casinos usually have a bunch of payment methods to offer. On the other hand, mobile casinos typically won’t provide you with that many possibilities. So, if you’d prefer a specific banking method a mobile casino doesn’t offer, you should try your luck on the desktop version. 

However, the mobile casino may give you the option of SMS billing. And if you choose that, the expenses of using the casino’s services you’d be able to pay with a phone bill.

The Perks of Playing Games Wherever You Are

Probably the best thing about mobile casinos is that you can access them wherever you are. You can play casino games while waiting in line or going to work. And this is incredibly convenient if you live a busy lifestyle.

Mobile Casino Games Australia

Moreover, waiting in line, even though it feels like forever, doesn’t last long enough for you to spend more money than intended. So, if you’re that person who often gets carried away, mobile gambling may be less risky. 

The Restrictions Small Screen Size Can Bring You

But the mobile casinos bring certain limitations as well. As you can imagine, many games will provide you with different experiences when you play them on a smartphone and PC. Moreover, some of them won’t even work on a cell phone, such as live dealer games. 

Simultaneously, the touch screen can make your life hard when you’re playing a specific game. In some cases, accessing different options can be difficult on a smartphone. But when it comes to other games, such as pokies, the touch screen can make it more exciting.

The good news is the game providers constantly search for ways of improving the quality of casino games. And many of them are already perfectly adapted to the small size of the screen in smartphones and tablets. 

Issues with Internet Connection

When it comes to online casinos, you’ll need access to the internet. Some casinos offer the possibility of downloading the software. But in the case of using mobile casino services, you certainly need an internet connection. 

Naturally, things like sudden issues with internet connection are more likely to occur when you’re playing in the mobile casino. And other than being frustrating, it can also ruin you financially! So, always make sure your internet connection is stable before you start playing.

Mobile Casino App Requires Enough Free Space

Furthermore, downloading the mobile casino app requires free space. And overloading phone storage can negatively affect its performance. Of course, you can always access the casino’s website via a browser if it’s optimized for mobile. 

But in case you have enough free space, an app may be a better choice for you. It’s easier to navigate, and it’ll give you a better experience. Moreover, the mobile casino app may also reward you with splendid promotions.

You May Receive Great Bonuses on Mobile Casino App

Some mobile casinos offer fantastic bonuses to their players. And the thing is you can’t claim them when using casino’s services on the computer, but only on the app. 

Of course, this doesn’t always have to be the case. In other online casinos, you won’t be able to claim specific bonuses when playing on a mobile version. However, casino apps are still relatively new, and you may hope to receive great bonuses when you sign up. 

Best Mobile Casino Bonuses

The bonuses on mobile casinos work just like on the PC version. But as we mentioned before, you may receive a special one if you download the casino app. And luckily, many Australian online casinos, such as Kahuna and Raging Bull, have fantastic bonuses to offer.

Mobile Casino Bonuses Australia
Mobile Casino Bonuses in Australia.

The type of bonus every player wants to claim is the one that doesn’t require a deposit. So, no deposit mobile casino deals are the most sought bonuses in online casinos worldwide. And they come in two forms – free spins or free credits.

With no deposit credits deal, you can play many casino games for free. But note that you won’t be able to play all the games, and certainly not under the same terms. For that reason, make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions and understand all the limitations clearly.

In the case of no deposit free spins, you can use them only on certain slot games. And most often, you get to spend your free spins only on one poky. 

When it comes to no deposit bonuses, watch for wagering requirements, time limitations, geographical restrictions, etc. And don’t expect the casino will make it simple for you to win when playing with its money! 

As for other types of promotions, you can expect to receive the deposit bonus once in a while. If you decide to claim it, you’ll have to make a deposit first. 

In general, mobile casinos have various bonuses to offer. And in case the casino is reputable, you should go for it!

Best Mobile Casino Games 

As we mentioned before, some games are perfect for playing on a mobile phone. The touchscreen may give you more possibilities and more engaging and real experience. 

Furthermore, if you want to play only one game, you can find an app strictly for that one. For example, in case you love card games, you can find a real money poker app.

But many casino apps have a vast number of games to offer. And these are the ones that you should try out when playing on your smartphone:


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games worldwide. The rules are quite simple and easy to learn. At the same time, the game is exciting and engaging. It requires you to have both skills and luck. Moreover, the odds of winning in Blackjack are the highest!

Many online casinos have more than one Blackjack game to offer. Some of them even have the live version of the game, which gives you the experience of playing in a land-based casino.

However, you won’t be able to play live dealer Blackjack game on a mobile phone. But, you can always play regular ones, both for free and real money. The Blackjack works perfectly on a mobile phone. Furthermore, the touchscreen makes it very simple for to use different options and enjoy the game entirely. 


Unlike Blackjack, the Baccarat is a card game based entirely on luck. You can’t predict the outcome of the game or take control over it in any way. However, many people prefer the games of chances over those demanding you to take action and make decisions. 

You can find many apps for playing Baccarat for free. And of course, most mobile casinos have this game in their library. Playing it on a smartphone feels a bit different, and may be more exciting and straightforward.


This game may seem a bit confusing to new players, but it’s still a simple one. The only thing that makes it feel difficult is the wide range of betting possibilities. But, given that the odds of winning are high enough, and playing it is relatively easy, craps is still a trendy game.

If you’re into it, you should undoubtedly try out playing it on a mobile phone. It works well on multiple casino apps and gaming sites. Moreover, playing it on a small screen has its charms, and is a perfect way to avoid getting bored to death while waiting in a line in a grocery store! 


A considerable number of players prefer the Devil’s game. It’s an exciting and unpredictable game that’s all about luck. And casinos always have various versions of roulette to offer, including the live game. 

Again, you won’t be able to play a live game in a mobile casino. But other versions, no matter which one you like the most, will give you a slightly different experience when you play them on a smartphone. Moreover, placing bets may be even more straightforward on a touchscreen!


Finally, the best game to play on a mobile phone is a slot. Just like in the case of any other game of chances, pokies require no strategy or concentration. And with mobile casino apps, you can play it wherever you are and at any time.

If you want to play it for free, you won’t have an issue finding the mobile casino that offers you that possibility. And if you’d prefer to play for real money, numerous casino apps will provide you with a fantastic experience. And who knows, you may even win a Jackpot while traveling to work!

FAQ: Mobile Casino

1. Are Mobile Casinos Safe?

Many legitimate and up-to-date casinos offer a mobile-friendly option. Hence, if the venue is a reputable, licensed, and provides a mobile-optimized website or downloadable app, you need not worry about safety. And the quickest way to learn about the casino’s reputation is by reading reviews and players’ comments.

2. Is Mobile Casino Legal in Australia?

Gambling laws in Australia don’t restrict you from using mobile casino apps. So, yes, players from Australia are eligible to enjoy real-money gaming online. Moreover, you can use any device you prefer.

3. What Are the Best Mobile Casinos in Australia?

Aussie players can find many mobile casino apps. However, you should care to choose the best mobile casino that has a legitimate license, a high rating, and a wide range of quality games. Some mobile casinos that may meet your standards are King Billy, BitStarz, Brazino777, etc.

4. Are Mobile Casino Games Rigged?

The chip that ensures fair play for everyone is called RNG. Most casino games have it, including slots and roulette. So, you should choose a casino that holds RNG based and tested games. If you do so, you’ll have an equal chance of winning like all other players.

5. Can I Win Real Money on a Mobile Casino?

It’s possible to win real money while playing casino games on a desktop or mobile device. However, you’d need to choose a genuine and reputable casino that pays off. Simultaneously, nothing can guarantee you’ll win, meaning you should rely on your luck and, sometimes, skills.

6. Where to Find a Mobile Casino?

If you’re looking for an Australian mobile casino, doing research will help you make the best possible decision. Luckily, you can read many reviews and check out comments online to learn what mobile casinos are on offer and which ones may meet your needs.

7. Is Mobile Casino Legit?

Virtual casinos are legitimate if they have a valid license. Namely, casinos that are regulated by reputable jurisdictions have to meet specific standards. Hence, a valid license issued by a respected regulatory body should be the first factor to consider when looking for an adequate mobile casino.

8. Can You Really Win Money on Casino Apps?

Desktop and mobile gambling experience differ in a lot of things. However, no matter which possibility you go with, and as long as you play in a real-money mode, you’ll be able to win cash. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to choose a fair and trusted operator.

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